Here in south east Queensland, when we were supposed to be enjoying the beautiful unfurling of spring - with her gentle blossoming of new growth, increasing light and longer days. We had instead, summer violently thrust herself upon us. Experiencing 40 degree days and sweltering heat when the only thing left to do was retreat.
Which got me to thinking about our seasons. It has always seemed strange to me that we should follow the calendar version of the seasons, adopted by our northern hemisphere friends. Just flipping the seasons to fit the southern hemisphere still doesn't quite fit. Here in Australia the seasons can vary dramatically from state to state, region to region. And it makes so much more sense to be taking our lead from the plants and animals, which seem to have a much greater understanding of the unique and delicate changes in temperature and the earths cycles then we do.
The indigenous people of Australia have their own sets of seasons that align with the subtle changes that occur in plant growth, hunting times, dry periods, wet periods, heat, cold, etc. Some tribes and areas have up to 7 seasons a year.
The CSIRO have published a book by Professor Tim Entwisle called 'Sprinter and Sprummer: Australia's Changing Seasons'. 
In it Tim invites Australians to switch from four to five seasons and to rename and redate them: instead of a neat division of three months a season Entwisle says our seasons should match our climate and what's happening with our plants and animals. His would be:

Sprinter, the early spring: August, September
Sprummer, the early summer: October, November
Summer: December to March
Autumn: April, May 
Winter: June, July 

With the way the climate is changing, and all the crazy weather patterns, it makes sense to me to listen more to the land. To do what we can to work with the seasons nature provides, not following an outdated borrowed one.

For now though, we do what we can here, to retreat from the heat. x


Yes.... it happened folks. I married my love in the forest surrounded by our family and friends and witnessed by the moon and stars. A great journey of love that began way before this day and will continue for many more.  So here's cheers to love.... it's pretty sweet. x

d.i.y. anaerobic fermenting jar

So... I have been fermenting at home for a while. Making saurerkraut and kefir, etc. 
I have also wanted to buy the anaerobic Pickl-it jars for a while too. But they are so expensive here in Austrailia and only one distributor... so I decided to make my own. 

I found a tutorial online and had a friend who had made some too, so with that knowledge and a few cheap materials I (or that is my Mr. ) made my own.

Here is a quick guide incase you want to do the same....

First I found some glass 'Fido' jars... I found mine at a local flea market but you can also buy them at 'House' kitchen shops and op-shops.

Then I bought a 12mm Diamond glass drill bit from Bunnings... for about $19.

You will also need a grommet (per jar) and an airlock..... I found mine in Big W in the home brew section. Grommets were $2 for a two pack and airlocks $3.50.

So, the original tutorial that I found said you needed a drill press to drill the glass lids, but my friend had done hers with a hand held drill. It is possible to use a hand held, but you need to have a steady hand and you will get some chipping around the hole. Ideally, I think you would get a much better result using a drill press, but hand held can be done.

So, unclip your lid from your jar and remove the wire. 

Mark your spot for drilling.

Lay lid on a cloth and clamp to your work bench.

Add a bit of water and get drilling. Start drilling on a 45 degree angle then drill straight down... low and slow.

Clean the lid.... add your grommet and airlock and your done!

Happy fermenting!


To my darling little Z,
 I really can't believe it has been four years..... Four seasons of rains and screeching black cockatoos that always remind me of the stormy night you were born....  Four whole cycles around the sun.  A BIG four. Instead of being a toddler with babyish ways, you are becoming a young girl. It is frightening, but so delicious.... Watching you unfurl, and grow, all the while challenging me and stretching me in all the ways I need it! You are my wee wild woman. And I love you. Thank you for making my life a wild and exciting adventure... full of EVERYTHING! Good and sometimes not so good. You are my teacher and my greatest love. I love growing beside you and learning with you everyday.
Sweet one....  the adventure is just beginning.
Big soggy hearted love,
Mama x


Well folks..... it has been a while. It seems to be the flow for me. The ebb and flow of life and time.... the doing and not doing of things.
Anyway.... A bit of a catch up on where we have been and what has been filling our days. These photo's are from the Wintermoon festival, held up in the beautiful hinterlands of Mackay. A gorgeous three days of music, markets, food and festivities. It had such a lovely family friendly vibe, lots of kids running around.... We had such a great time. And the little one painted her own parasol! It was such a wonderful and magical experience that really helped to 'top us up' during our mundane four week Mackay visit. So refreshing! Thank you Wintermoon. x

home life

A little bit of what has going on at home these days. We have been having such lovely autumn days with crisp and misty mornings. The little one and I have found a really lovely rhythm together and it seems like all most overnight she has transformed from my little babe into a young girl. It is really so magical to witness and I am so thankful. x

A little bit of wedding research....... excited!


Brewing water keffir. It is a great, probiotic rich, fermented drink. I am really getting into to it and have got the hang of it now. I have been adding in some organic grape juice into the second ferment which has made it so much easier to feed to the little one! Getting some good bubbles happening too...... It is so good, you should try it.

Just purchased my first gluten and grain free bread mix. How cool is that! We are so lucky to have a great grain free cafe in our neighbouring town... 'Husk and Honey' it is called, for the local folks who want to check it out..... it really is awesome. I am looking forward to trying out the bread mix, since I haven't had any kind of bread for a few months now. I will let y'all now how it turns out.

And this cute face is our beloved dog, Binda. The little one and her are best friends. It is really so entertaining to watch them together. Binda has just turned one, so she is very playful. Her and little Z will play and chase each other for ages..... they are the best playmates. We spend most afternoons outside in the garden with the dog, the chooks and the guinea fowl
A lovely way to end the day.

a new chapter

I have a little announcement folks..... Papa Appleseed and I are engaged! Yay! It has been a long and sometimes rocky road for us but we have come through with a solid love and understanding of each other. We are taking this opportunity to start a fresh chapter in our lives for us and our family.... with lots of love and celebration! It is a special time...... and I am soaking it up!