d.i.y. anaerobic fermenting jar

So... I have been fermenting at home for a while. Making saurerkraut and kefir, etc. 
I have also wanted to buy the anaerobic Pickl-it jars for a while too. But they are so expensive here in Austrailia and only one distributor... so I decided to make my own. 

I found a tutorial online and had a friend who had made some too, so with that knowledge and a few cheap materials I (or that is my Mr. ) made my own.

Here is a quick guide incase you want to do the same....

First I found some glass 'Fido' jars... I found mine at a local flea market but you can also buy them at 'House' kitchen shops and op-shops.

Then I bought a 12mm Diamond glass drill bit from Bunnings... for about $19.

You will also need a grommet (per jar) and an airlock..... I found mine in Big W in the home brew section. Grommets were $2 for a two pack and airlocks $3.50.

So, the original tutorial that I found said you needed a drill press to drill the glass lids, but my friend had done hers with a hand held drill. It is possible to use a hand held, but you need to have a steady hand and you will get some chipping around the hole. Ideally, I think you would get a much better result using a drill press, but hand held can be done.

So, unclip your lid from your jar and remove the wire. 

Mark your spot for drilling.

Lay lid on a cloth and clamp to your work bench.

Add a bit of water and get drilling. Start drilling on a 45 degree angle then drill straight down... low and slow.

Clean the lid.... add your grommet and airlock and your done!

Happy fermenting!

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