home life

A little bit of what has going on at home these days. We have been having such lovely autumn days with crisp and misty mornings. The little one and I have found a really lovely rhythm together and it seems like all most overnight she has transformed from my little babe into a young girl. It is really so magical to witness and I am so thankful. x

A little bit of wedding research....... excited!


Brewing water keffir. It is a great, probiotic rich, fermented drink. I am really getting into to it and have got the hang of it now. I have been adding in some organic grape juice into the second ferment which has made it so much easier to feed to the little one! Getting some good bubbles happening too...... It is so good, you should try it.

Just purchased my first gluten and grain free bread mix. How cool is that! We are so lucky to have a great grain free cafe in our neighbouring town... 'Husk and Honey' it is called, for the local folks who want to check it out..... it really is awesome. I am looking forward to trying out the bread mix, since I haven't had any kind of bread for a few months now. I will let y'all now how it turns out.

And this cute face is our beloved dog, Binda. The little one and her are best friends. It is really so entertaining to watch them together. Binda has just turned one, so she is very playful. Her and little Z will play and chase each other for ages..... they are the best playmates. We spend most afternoons outside in the garden with the dog, the chooks and the guinea fowl
A lovely way to end the day.

a new chapter

I have a little announcement folks..... Papa Appleseed and I are engaged! Yay! It has been a long and sometimes rocky road for us but we have come through with a solid love and understanding of each other. We are taking this opportunity to start a fresh chapter in our lives for us and our family.... with lots of love and celebration! It is a special time...... and I am soaking it up!

the colours of time....

Forgive me for I have sinned. It has been over 2 months since my last blog post. Wow. I hadn't really realised it had been so long! Life has been full... of ups and downs and the in betweens. My initial absence from this space was the result of a two week lurgy that left me quite weak, depleted and feeling sorry for myself. I had a lot of time for introspection..... And a lot of change has occurred around here, both physically and mentally. We have adopted a new and healthier grain-free, sugar-free diet. It was a little daunting at first but once we got the hand of it, it was pretty easy and I am really feeling good for it now.  I have been meaning to come back to this space many times.... update and all the rest, and many nights I actually planned it..... Alas, I have eventually come back, much clearer and in good health. I don't know, but it feels like there has been a lot of planetary shifts, or something going on with the universe lately.... 'cause life has been really full for us here. Maybe it is the quickening .... but whatever it is, this illumination... it's working for me. Life is good and I am happy.
The sun rises. The sun sets, and the leaves change their colours.