To my darling little Z,
 I really can't believe it has been four years..... Four seasons of rains and screeching black cockatoos that always remind me of the stormy night you were born....  Four whole cycles around the sun.  A BIG four. Instead of being a toddler with babyish ways, you are becoming a young girl. It is frightening, but so delicious.... Watching you unfurl, and grow, all the while challenging me and stretching me in all the ways I need it! You are my wee wild woman. And I love you. Thank you for making my life a wild and exciting adventure... full of EVERYTHING! Good and sometimes not so good. You are my teacher and my greatest love. I love growing beside you and learning with you everyday.
Sweet one....  the adventure is just beginning.
Big soggy hearted love,
Mama x


Well folks..... it has been a while. It seems to be the flow for me. The ebb and flow of life and time.... the doing and not doing of things.
Anyway.... A bit of a catch up on where we have been and what has been filling our days. These photo's are from the Wintermoon festival, held up in the beautiful hinterlands of Mackay. A gorgeous three days of music, markets, food and festivities. It had such a lovely family friendly vibe, lots of kids running around.... We had such a great time. And the little one painted her own parasol! It was such a wonderful and magical experience that really helped to 'top us up' during our mundane four week Mackay visit. So refreshing! Thank you Wintermoon. x