home life

A little bit of what has going on at home these days. We have been having such lovely autumn days with crisp and misty mornings. The little one and I have found a really lovely rhythm together and it seems like all most overnight she has transformed from my little babe into a young girl. It is really so magical to witness and I am so thankful. x

A little bit of wedding research....... excited!


Brewing water keffir. It is a great, probiotic rich, fermented drink. I am really getting into to it and have got the hang of it now. I have been adding in some organic grape juice into the second ferment which has made it so much easier to feed to the little one! Getting some good bubbles happening too...... It is so good, you should try it.

Just purchased my first gluten and grain free bread mix. How cool is that! We are so lucky to have a great grain free cafe in our neighbouring town... 'Husk and Honey' it is called, for the local folks who want to check it out..... it really is awesome. I am looking forward to trying out the bread mix, since I haven't had any kind of bread for a few months now. I will let y'all now how it turns out.

And this cute face is our beloved dog, Binda. The little one and her are best friends. It is really so entertaining to watch them together. Binda has just turned one, so she is very playful. Her and little Z will play and chase each other for ages..... they are the best playmates. We spend most afternoons outside in the garden with the dog, the chooks and the guinea fowl
A lovely way to end the day.


  1. So much to love here!! We lost our rythym early in the year after a few emotional setbacks, but after a great post over at Parenting Passageway, I found a link to a wonderfully simple daily rythym, that has really helped us flow together better!! yay for wedding planning! I was able to make a lot of things for our wedding, That was fun! I love Husk and Honey, it's such a cool setting too, I would love my house to look like that! One of my friends (a Yandina Gal) writes a blog called Farmer K's Kitchen (farmerkskitchen.com) and she is gluten and now, Grain free, you should check out her GF Paleo Bread, all sorts of good :) And.... Your doggy is beautiful! Roman is always asking for a dog, but we are in a townhouse for now, so he will need to practice his patience!! x

    1. I will definitley check put your frinds blog.... any inspiration for grain free eating is a blessing! I absolutely love the parenting passageway, although I haven't been on there for a while, I would like to see the link on daily rythym. x