an introduction...

Introducing the latest additions to our humble little abode.... a little flock of guinea fowl. They are so adorable! Papa Crabapple has been working on their little home for the last few days and today his recycled creation was ready for them to move into. As soon as they are old enough (maybe three months old) they will join the chooks in the hen house, but until they are big enough to defend themselves they will stay in their own little house.

Guinea fowl are great at keeping the bugs down in the garden, especially ticks, which is why we were so keen to get them. Apparently they are also good at keeping snakes away, and they are great guard dogs!

Little Z just loves them and is always asking to take them out so she can hold them. She has been very helpful, singing to them and comforting them like a mother hen. But as helpful as a three year old is, we have already had a few near escapes with us trying to catch the little fowl before the dog did!

Welcome home little birds.

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